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Beyond Rare

The Argyle Diamond Mine produces virtually the entire world's supply of pink diamonds. They are unfathomably rare, and are becoming rarer as time passes.

The transformation of a rough diamond into a polished gem requires immense skill and passion. The Argyle Kimberley Mine’s polishers have decades of experience and possess unique talent in blending science and artistry to transform a rough diamond into the captivating masterpiece you see before you today.

Light and colour are the two most emotive qualities of a gemstone. They come together uniquely and with a particular thrilling intensity in an Argyle pink diamond. The other worldly and seemingly infinite brilliance mingles with a repertoire of ravishingly romantic shades of pink, or the occasional glimpse of striking violet and voluptuous red - the most rare.

This is the ultimate possession in the gem world, an incomparable object of desire that has captured the imagination of connoisseurs around the globe.

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Argyle Pink Diamonds-PKE0146 copy
Argyle Pink Diamonds-PKE0146_2
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Argyle Pink Diamonds-PKR0160
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