I had dropped in to Hogans’ to have some jewellery repairs made and decided to have my rings cleaned as well. Upon inspection I was advised that my rings were also required urgent repair. After 35 years of marriage my engagement and eternity rings were badly worn and in need of attention.

The staff at Hogans explained that the money spent on repairs could be put towards remodelling a new engagement ring for me. After including the stones from a third ring and adding extra diamonds and sapphires, Lachlan designed me a ring that was beyond all of my expectations. In fact when I collected the finished product it took my breath away! In my life I had never worn such a beautiful ring– I couldn’t stop looking at it.

A hand-made collection of sparkling diamonds and sapphires in a modern rubbed setting now graces the third finger on my left hand. I am absolutely delighted in the attention to detail and craftsmanship provided by Lachlan and the friendly staff at Hogans’.


I was fortunate to inherit 6 rings in ‘old fashioned’ settings which needed modernising. Hogans were recommended. I met with Lachy Hogan and he has custom made 3 magnificent rings from those originals and which I wear constantly. He is a wonderful craftsman with excellent ideas and marvellous people skills. His shop staff are second to none, are always obliging and polite. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hogans to anyone.

Anna - Maria

I have been a happy customer of Hogan's Family Jewellers for 2 decades and I can speak from experience that there is no better jewellery boutique. Whether I have purchased new jewellery, had jewellery remodelled, or custom designed, Hogans expertise, quality, and value is of the highest standard. Lachlan Hogan has recently designed and made a 6 carat diamond ring for us with the centre stone being 5ct, we knew that there was only one jeweller that we could trust to deliver a unique and spectacular piece of "sparkle" that will be a family heirloom for generations to come.


I have had the pleasure of purchasing many beautiful pieces of jewellery from Hogan’s Family Jewellers, and on occasion have asked Lachlan Hogan to design and craft special items that are exquisite.

Fine attention to detail and high end artistry are two aspects I appreciate and have come to expect when considering accessories, this coupled with the warm friendly service and attentiveness offered ensure a wonderful experience, which over the years I valued tremendously.

Chris & Gillian

We approached Hogans Family Jewellers to rectify an unfortunate situation with my engagement and wedding band (made elsewhere) as they were constantly dropping diamonds. The result achieved by Lachlan Hogan was one beyond belief and beauty, he delivered something that I can now wear with pride and have no trouble gloating about where my new rings were made and by whom. 

The compassion and support offered to us by the wonderful ladies in the front of house and the talent, experience and expertise was at all times second to none. We didn’t need the most extravagant budget for Hogans to achieve “a million dollar look” and have the envy of many that have seen them. Toowoomba and in fact Queensland has a real asset in what this family team has to offer and their reputation for quality now has us recommending their business to everyone.


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