Diamond Education

A diamond is the hardest natural mineral on earth, this makes it the ideal stone for an engagement ring. It is a rock prepared to endure a lifetime as it was formed millions of years ago. Once a diamond has been mined from earth, it is cut and polished to give the optimum sparkle. Diamonds are assessed using a diamond grading system known as the 4 C’s. Every single diamond is graded and sold on its individual quality.

Diamonds that reflect high quality in every aspect are rare and attaining the finest sparkle can be difficult.



Cut not only defines the shape of a diamond but also the proportions of it. Diamonds also vary in many different shapes. Each individual shape has an individual sparkle.


Colour ranges from D through to Z. D being colourless (ideal) with lower grades becoming more apparent in yellow or brownish colour.


Clarity describes the flaws in a diamond, these can be inclusions of natural carbon spots or internal fractures present from the exact moment the diamond was formed millions of years ago.


Carat is a measurement of weight in a diamond. Size is a big factor however it is not the only factor when determining the value of a diamond. All other quality components are considered to determine the value of every individual diamond.

The Hogans Difference

Hogans Family Jewellers hand select only the highest quality diamonds for their clients. Hogans diamond standards are at the optimum level; A Hogans diamond is an exceptional white colour and eye clean. Hogans decipher between poorly cut stones and remarkably cut diamonds to make sure that their client’s choice gives a perfect balance of brilliance, light dispersion and scintillation.


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